Pool Lifeguard Champions Once Again!

Published on Friday, 8 March 2024 at 11:04:21 AM

On the 23rd of February 2024, the Pool Lifeguard Championships hosted by Fremantle Leisure Centre commenced. Thanks to Leisure Institute of WA Aquatics and Royal Life Saving WA for sponsoring and facilitating the event, respectively. Lifeguards from across WA were given the opportunity to test their communication skills, physical fitness, teamwork and first aid skills.

The previous Pool Lifeguard Challenge back in 2022 was a huge success as we took home first and second place.

13 teams competed this year to take home the trophy and bragging rights. Seven events took place across the course of the day. 

In true Beatty fashion, we had two teams competing in the event, sporting their new Funkita & Funky Trunks bathers. Team Bravo— Reilly, India, Ethan and Jack & Team Papa— Amber, Max, Kai and Luke.

Where's Wally and Rescue Tube Relay

To start the day off on a bang, event 1 was a manikin tow relay which team Bravo and Team Papa excelled at, winning first and second place.

The next event was a rescue time relay. Lifeguards had to alternate swimming 50m with a rescue tube before touching the pool wall and passing to their teammate. To ensure the relay went smoothly, teamwork and communication was key.

Event number 3 was another relay that required lifeguards to recover objects such as weights from the bottom of the pool from the 20m mark.

The following events were a major test on the participants teamwork and communication skills. The “Rescue and Recovery” challenge simulated the event of a missing child, which required lifeguards to quickly assess the situation, locate the child (manikin), and provide exceptional CPR.

The remaining events such as “Where’s Wally” tested their attention to detail and surveillance skills.

We’re incredibly proud of all our lifeguards — finishing in first and third place is a testament to their individual skills and how well they work as a team.

Congratulations to all 8 lifeguards and to Centre Supervisor Kevin, who trained the teams and provided guidance and encouragement throughout the day.

Special thanks to Fremantle Leisure Centre for hosting such a fabulous event and to Royal Life Saving WA and Leisure Institute of WA Aquatics for continually challenging our lifeguards and developing their skills.

Lets go 2025!

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