SPA Sauna Steam Room

The therapeutic benefits of a spa, sauna and steam room have been recognised for thousands of years.

People generally have a preference for one of these areas, but we recommend using all three.


Enjoy a relaxing finish to your workout in our spa, which is heated at 35° to 38°

Simply step in, take a seat and let the jets massage your muscles.

Always shower before entering the spa to remove surface dirt and sweat. 


At Beatty Park, we have three saunas to cater for busy times.

Our original sauna is made of cedar wood and we've also recently installed two additional portable saunas. All three of our saunas are heated at 70° to 90°, with humidity set to less than 5%. The dry heat will increases your body's core temperature, allowing you to release impurities from your skin and pores.

One sauna will be labelled a Silent Sauna. The Silent Sauna is intended for people who'd like to sit with their own thoughts and refrain from engaging in or listening to conversations. If you choose to sit in the Silent Sauna, please respect others by not talking. If you don't mind a bit of chatter, please choose another sauna.

We ask that you sit on a towel in the sauna. Stay only as long as you feel comfortable, and leave the heat to cool down and have a shower.

Please note that for sustainability reasons, we may not run all three saunas at the same time.

Steam Room

Set at 40°, the steam room offers a lower temperature heat with relative humidity set at 100%.

The steam room helps to defoliate dead skin cells and remove skin impurities from the bodies surface.

We recommend that you sit on a towel in the steam room and shower before entering the spa or returning to the sauna.

Important Information

  • This area is only for people aged 16 and over.
  • Please shower before entering the spa, sauna or steam room and again before returning.
  • These facilities are not recommended for people who are pregnant, have high blood pressure or heart conditions.
  • Remember not to stay in any of the facilities if you feel uncomfortable and replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of water. 
  • Please practice good spa, sauna and steam room etiquette.


Entry to the spa sauna and steam room is included with all memberships.

Casual entry prices


Student (16+)


or Concession


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