Throwdown is a functional training workout that uses the Throwdown rig and other equipment to build your strength and get results fast.

Our Throwdown workouts include:

  • Throwdown Cardio/Power

    A combination of high-intensity, high volume interval and variable intensity training.

    Each session will be different using the Throwdown rig and other cardio pieces that will give you fitness results FAST!

  • Throwdown Functional/Stability

    This session includes flexibility, core work, balance training, resistance training and cardio exercises. The emphasis is on technique and to build greater functionality.

  • Throwdown Through The Roof

    Blast your cardio and muscle capacity with lots of short, intense intervals to improve athletic capacity and fat burning. Be prepared to work hard and get your sweat on!
  • Throwdown Extreme

    A balance of both cardio and strength exercises with an emphasis on cardio movement being target based and strength exercises focused on higher resistance and less reps.

How to join

Members can book a spot in Throwdown via our Member Portal.

If you’re not a member, simply rock up a little early and pay for your class at our front desk.

Classes are $19 each or $10.50 for pensioners/seniors or concession cardholders. This includes entry to the pools before or after your class.

Talk to us about the benefits of becoming a member.