Members Of The Month: Paula & Aaron

Published on Tuesday, 18 June 2024 at 10:14:09 AM

You know what they say… those who burpee together stay together!

Aaron and Paula are a married couple who love a good burpee at Beatty Park, so we made them our members of the month!

Which one of you joined Beatty Park first?

(Paula) Me! I’ve been a member since 2013. I’ve been coming for ages! Then I brought Aaron across a couple of years ago.

(Aaron) I was at a smaller gym, but I needed some variety. I used to just do gym and HIIT workouts, but now I can add in Throwdown and SPIN.

This is a question from your instructor Colin… who wins at Throwdown?

(Paula) You’ll have to ask Colin! Depends what it is – if it’s weights, definitely Aaron.

(Aaron) If it’s air jacks, it’s Paula!

And who wins the battle of technique?

(Paula) Me I would say 😊

(Aaron) No, it depends! Hand and eye coordination, she wins maybe. If it’s a clean and press, that’s me!

(Paula) I made him do a BODYATTACK class and…

(Aaron) I was running the wrong direction. Not for me!

Another one from Colin… who is your favourite Throwdown instructor?

(Paula) We’ll say Kate cos that will really upset him. But Kate is good! She teaches on the weekends.

But we do love Colin, he’s great. We always go to Colin’s classes. He doesn’t let you get away with anything either!

Are you competitive with each other?

(Paula) Yes!

(Aaron) I think it’s just one way. I think Paula just wants to beat me!

(Paula) We’re self-competitive, you know, always trying to improve yourself. But then we’ll always have a little dig at each other.

(Aaron) You’re more competitive than me, you want to crush the kids at anything as well!

(Paula) Just making them work hard!

Do you like training together? Do you train in the gym too?

(Paula) Sometimes! We usually have our own routines, but sometimes we’ll find ourselves next to each other on the squat racks. He’ll give me tips!

(Aaron) It’s always easier to come with somebody, you know, you motivate each other. It’s obviously nice to chat about the routines or have a laugh over something. With the classes as well, you end up meeting people you didn’t know or we’ll drag friends in, so it becomes a social thing.

(Paula) We’ve made friends in Throwdown. Colin knows everyone’s names which is nice.

(Aaron) I turned up to my second class and Colin knew my name. He obviously sees it on the sheet, and he goes ‘oh that’s the new guy’ and he makes you feel welcome, so that personal connection makes you want to come back as well, you feel loyal to the class.

What’s your favourite move?

(Aaron) Burpee for me.

(Paula) I like air jacks. They get your heart rate up. I don’t mind a burpee. I’d rather a burpee than a push up.

(Aaron) This morning we were doing burpee butt kicks. Don’t like them as much.

What's the best thing about Beatty Park... and would you recommend it?

(Paula) We like all the classes and the gym is very good.  And I’ve yet to find an unpleasant staff member! I like the timetable, you can always find something to do. For what you pay for the membership it’s pretty amazing all the facilities you have, like the pool. We bring the kids to the pool a bit too!

(Aaron) Variety. We come five to six times a week, sometimes we do a couple of classes a day. Today we’ll do SPIN this afternoon and we did Throwdown this morning. You can get that variety where it doesn’t kill you too much.

And every now and then we do some yoga as well. Even in the classes you can find 3-4 teachers for each class so you can find who has your kinda of flavour.

The staff are great and it’s clean. I really like the variety. But the staff and instructors are what keep you coming back – that loyalty.

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