Member Of The Month: Nikki

Published on Wednesday, 29 March 2023 at 1:18:08 PM

Introducing our March Member of the Month: Nikki!

Nikki is a very familiar face around Beatty Park.

Nikki is a high school teacher, piano tutor and an international touring musician! Also known as Little Miss Squeezebox, Nikki plays the piano accordion for audiences around the world. But when she’s not globetrotting, you’ll probably find her at Beatty Park.

Hey Nikki! How does fitness fit into your schedule?

I’m addicted to health and fitness, so it doesn’t matter where I am in the world, people catch on to my health addiction and I quickly become part of any gyms’ furniture in no time.  

I ensure I include fitness into my work model daily. I am my own boss and I schedule my work out regimes as part of my day.  It is vital I am physically strong for my musical and stage performances; I play the piano accordion which is 13kg heavy! And in high heels that’s a big demand on a 3-6 hr job call. 

Most days I sacrifice lunches or coffee meet ups with friends to be at Beatty Park. Some days I “kill two birds with one stone” by inviting clients to meet with me by the pool to discuss business proposals or upcoming job offers. 

I also adapt my work environment whilst at Beatty Park.  I bring my office work to sit by the pool and work in the sun rather than sitting in my stuffy office.

I make sure I fit Beatty Park into my schedule 6 days a week and it’s always a priority… or I suffer FOMO (fear of missing out) from the place if I don’t! 

What’s a typical day at Beatty Park like for you?

My typical day is this:

  • 30 minutes of pilates out by the pool
  • 30 minutes of lap swimming in the 50m outdoor pool 
  • Catching up with the locals and the ‘geriatric club’ as we call ourselves by the pool for the ‘weekly goss’. We have an incredible pool family going here who actually come and support me at my shows in Perth also! I value these members highly in my friendship circle 
  • 1 hour of weight training (circulating different targeted body parts & exercises on different days) 
  • 1 hour on the cross trainer (second from the left) which I’ve named ‘Falcore’. 

On days I have time I go into the sauna, I go for 22 minutes in one sitting 

This regime is almost daily (at least 5 days a week). On off days I just do 90 minutes of cardio workouts or cross trainer.

What are your favourite exercises to do?

My favourite exercise is a mini circuit I work on which includes: 

  • Absolute fave of mine is super setting the sled machine for 45 secs on , 15 secs off and 22kg kettle bell swings x 20 reps, 15 secs off  (repeat for 6 sets) 
  • Or loaded hip thrusts , super set with triceps ,followed by burpees & weight loaded step ups 

Any favourite memories or funny stories from your time at Beatty Park?

I have so many memories of my 7 years here at Beatty Park full time, alas; most of these memories are super fun.  

My close friends are here; they’re almost my family now as I see them more than I see my own parents!  

We have nicknames for each other and our own circle of personal jokes. The different ‘Sesame Street characters’ if you will of people that come together in one place to celebrate life as we have it.. and we learn so much from these different walks of life. 

Not everyone is built the same and I am always so inspired by the clientele and their pursuit to get out of the house and come together to a community family driven centre and aspire to inspire one another each day. This to me is a reason to get out of bed every day and strive harder. So thank you Beatty Park for giving me not only physical strength but passionate mental strength to achieve my goals outside of the centre. 

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