Member of the Month: Cathie

Published on Thursday, 30 November 2023 at 3:31:20 PM

Long-time member Cathie is a friendly, familiar face around the pool. We spoke to her about her love for the water and why she keeps coming back.

Hi Cathie! What prompted you to become a member?

Initially, my daughter did her swim classes here, 20 years ago when she was a baby. We’ve been part of the Beatty Park family for a long, long time. She’s actually a Swim School instructor here now too!

For myself, coming here is part of pain management due to a car accident I had seven years ago. So we’ve switched from her to me.

Tell us about your injury and how you manage it?

The accident was pretty bad. I almost went through the windscreen – I was catapulted out of my seat. It started as whiplash and has gone right through my body to the point where I’m unable to work. It changed my life overnight.

My chronic pain is here to stay so it’s just about managing it. Initially I was doing passive treatment outside of here, but it was suggested that I do pool work and get into the gym to do prescribed exercises from the chiropractor and exercise physiologist.

I try to be in the pool two to three times a week at least. The more the better obviously. My body has gotten quite used to that, so if I’m absent, my body does feel that and lets me know I need to get back in there.

I do a lot of walking and noodle work for resistance. I’ve started to incorporate lane swimming if availability allows, with a kickboard and pull buoy.

I do still feel pain in the pool but it’s less.

How does the water make you feel?

Ah… it is therapeutic. Just getting into the water, without even starting anything, is therapy in itself. I bring meditation into it as well. If I get in here early enough when there’s less chit chat and I’m here on my own, I tune out. During the summer months I’m here at 7am and I can bring in some meditation and just listen to the sounds.

What keeps you coming back?

The pool here is nice and warm – its one of the warmest public pools that I’ve come across it, it’s beautiful.

I remember the Swim School used to have a splash disco for the kids on Friday nights. It was gorgeous.

It’s not just coming here as a patron, it’s the sense of community coming here. It’s like a big family here.

It’s just a great place to be, whether it’s the pool or the gym, it’s such a pleasure!

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