Introducing an audio element to Angelfish lessons

Published on Monday, 6 November 2023 at 11:16:45 AM

Mia playing Seb's individual playlist through waterproof speakers

The Swim School has been trialling personalised playlists in Angelfish (our specialty disability program) and Private Special Needs lessons, with great success so far! 

Students and their parents/guardians have been assisting the Swim School in compiling individual playlists for students, containing songs aimed to enhance lessons.

These songs may already be used in other therapies that the children are involved in. Or, they might simply be songs they love or songs that have an affect on them.

Our instructors have been playing each student's playlists via Spotify, on the Swim School iPads.

Instructor Charlotte and Milly using Milly's playlist in her lessons. 

Played on waterproof speakers, the songs are used in a number of ways, including:

  • A tool to encourage students to fully engage in the lesson
  • Within a lesson plan
  • As a calming influence
  • A motivational tool to complete skills
  • A reward at the end of the lesson

Playlists are only used in individual lessons and played at a low volume to not distract other students.

If you or your child is in an Angelfish or Private Special Needs lesson and you don't have a playlist yet, please get in touch!

You can find out more about Angelfish here

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