Composting Display

Published: Friday, 11 May 2018 at 2:59:52 PM

The City of Vincent have set up a composting display in the foyer, come and check it out to see how you can tackle your waste at home!

Almost 45% of an average household bin is food and garden waste. Composting is nature’s circular economy, where food waste is reduced and reused and its nutrients recycled into fertiliser. By returning these nutrients back to the soil, rather than letting organic waste rot away in landfills, we can feed diverse life in the soil. The bacteria, fungi, insects and worms in compost support healthy plant growth, which will help offset greenhouse gas emissions.

The display is part of the City’s composting initiative, encouraging residents to keep organic materials out of the waste stream by composting or worm farming kitchen scraps, garden waste and pet droppings.

The City of Vincent sells composting and worm farming equipment at a subsidised rate to Vincent residents. Head to the their website below or contact the City's waste team on 9273 6543 or via to find out more.

City of Vincent Compost & Recycling Initiative

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