4 big benefits of working out at lunchtime

Published on Monday, 12 July 2021 at 9:32:00 AM

When you work most of the day, finding time for exercise can be a challenge.

Hitting the gym or the pool first thing in the A.M. sounds good in theory… unless you’re a parent battling school or daycare drop-offs, a tradie that starts early or just not really a morning person.

Or you could get your workout done after work… just like everyone else. Then drive home in peak hour traffic. Then be too tired for much else.

So here’s an alternative – work out at lunch time! It’s a less popular option but it’s totally doable – especially if you work near a gym or pool. Plus, there are plenty of benefits of getting mad sweaty at midday. Here’s four of them:

You’ll maximise your downtime

No waking up at the crack of dawn. No getting home when the sun’s gone down. How good does that sound?

Plus, gyms and pools are generally quieter in the middle of the day. You won’t have to compete with a crowd and you’re less likely to wait around for the leg press or the fast lane.

Combining your workout with your lunch break means you’re not only fitting exercise into your day, you’re also giving yourself more time for fun, friends and family.

You’ll work out harder

There’s nothing more motivating than an impending deadline.

Knowing you’re on limited time will make you work out harder and smarter. Increasing the intensity of your workout gives you more bang for your buck – and it’s pretty easy to waste time scrolling through your phone at the gym when there’s nowhere you need to be after.

Making your lunchtime workout a structured part of your day (that your workmates will hold you to) means you’re more likely to stick to a routine and more likely to exercise efficiently.

You’ll feel ace for the rest of your day

Stepping away from the workplace means you get a real break from work, splitting a long work day into two.

And we all know about the awesome after-effects of exercise. Working out can trigger our brains to produce serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’) as well as cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) which can help improve memory and alertness.

That lunchtime workout isn’t just a clever time-saver. It’ll reinvigorate you for the rest of your day, and you’ll go back to work feeling mentally sharp and physically strong.

You’ll curb your cravings

Using your lunch break to exercise means you’ll have less time – and less inclination – to indulge afterwards.

Having just burned a bunch of calories, you probably won’t want to undo your good work with a greasy burger.

In a study by the University of Western Australia, researchers tracked 17 males and rotated them in four exercise groups – moderate intensity, high intensity, interval training and nothing. Afterwards, all the exercising groups consumed less calories than the non-exercising group – with the high intensity group consuming the least.

Tips to make lunchtime workouts work

It helps to be organised! Here are our top tips:

  • Ride your bike in: If you work close by, it’s probably just as quick to walk or ride (plus it forms part of your workout!) Beatty Park has a bike shelter and the City of Vincent also offers free bike hire for residents.
  • Pack a light lunch: Don’t skip lunch – you need to refuel after! Pack something you can eat on the run (like a healthy wrap) or grab something to go (we’ve got a café right next to the gym!)
  • Rent a long term locker: This is especially handy if you need a quick shower after your sweat sesh!
  • Ask your employer to be flexible: Fitting your workout into an allotted break might be a stretch, so ask if you can make up any extra time used.
  • Don’t schedule midday meetings: You don’t want to disrupt your routine. Try to block out 90 minutes to allow for travel, your workout and your lunch.
  • Have a game plan: Don’t just wing it. Know what you’re going to do, whether it’s a set gym program (our members get free appraisals), some laps in the pool or a group fitness class.

At Beatty Park, we’ve got a fully equipped gym, a range of pools and a bunch of midday group fitness classes to choose from. You could do a cycle class on Monday, BodyPump on Tuesday, a gym sesh on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday and a few laps in the pool on Friday. How’s that for variety?

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