Our new saunas are here!

Published on Tuesday, 21 December 2021 at 9:56:46 AM

After much feedback from our members, we recently installed two new portable saunas in our spa, sauna and steamroom area.

Having three saunas means we'll be able to cater for busy periods and not overcrowd the space. In the interest of sustainability, we won't run all three saunas at once unless it does get busy.

Benefits of using a sauna

Our original sauna has always been very popular, and for good reason.

Using a sauna regularly can help you:

  • Increase circulation 
  • Release toxins from the body
  • Aid in recovery after exercise
  • Improve your sleep
  • Increase calorie burn and weight loss
  • Relieve stress and relax

And on that note...

Introducing the Silent Sauna

Having three saunas also means we can designate one a 'Silent Sauna' - an idea born out of member feedback.

The Silent Sauna is intended for people who'd like to relax with their own thoughts, instead of engaging in or listening to conversation.

We ask that people using the Silent Sauna respect others by not talking. You can always choose another sauna if you don't mind a bit of chatter.

Sauna Etiquette

Here are some things to remember when using our saunas:

  • Shower before you enter the sauna
  • Sit on a towel and make sure you cover up
  • Never stare at others
  • Never use oils or fragrances
  • Mind your language and adjust your volume (regular saunas)
  • Refrain from speaking (Silent Sauna)

We look forward to everyone enjoying our new saunas!

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