New Design for Beatty Park uniform

Published: Wednesday, 1 May 2019 at 4:48:56 PM

Beatty Park staff are wearing a new look this winter with our jackets carrying an inclusive design by well-known local Noongar artist Kevin Bynder.

The design shows both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people coming together to be as one on the Australian shore. The circles on the top and the bottom in the green, white and blue show some of the islands of the Torres Strait surrounded by the water. The Aboriginal colours in the middles represent all Indigenous people of Australia the traditional owners of the land. The 2 hands represent the generations of people who have passed through this land and leave their ancestral DNA behind for the future generation. Together both Torres Strait Islanders and Indigenous Australians keep their connection to the land.

Beatty Park staff Dale, Renato, Katie and Sarah showing off the new jackets poolside with Local artist Kevin Bynder (2nd from left)

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