Members Of The Month: Casey & Annie

Published on Wednesday, 25 August 2021 at 1:18:24 PM

For August, we’re featuring two members: friends and gym buddies Casey and Annie.

Casey has been a Beatty Park member for 15+ years. In 2017, she recruited her friend Annie as a gym buddy.

The pair visit three times a week, starting with a sweat sesh in the gym and ending with a much deserved coffee in the café.

We spoke to Casey and Annie about their routine and why it’s so good to have a gym buddy.

You both generally visit the gym together. Why is that?

Casey: “We come together to motivate each other, otherwise we wouldn’t get here. It’s 100% easier to train with a buddy!”

Annie: “I originally started coming with Casey, that’s what got me here. We keep each other motivated and accountable. When we have holidays, we’ll come individually to keep it up, but it’s much harder to stay motivated when we do come alone.”

How did you get into fitness?

Casey: “I started at Beatty Park many years ago trying to lose baby weight. I mostly did BodyPump. As I’m getting older, the classes are getting a little harder so now I really like the gym – it’s more controlled and I can do it at my own pace and my own strength.”

Annie: “I have always played netball but as the kids and I both got older, I moved towards walking but it just wanted enough. I wanted to build my strength, mobility and balance – as you get older that’s the stuff that goes. I want to be here when I’m 80 and still moving along.”

What else motivates you to keep going to the gym?

Casey: “The coffee in the café motivates us the most – and our kids of course!”

How important is it to set a good example for your kids?

Casey:  “I came back in as an older mum and knew that I had to stay fit and healthy. It’s extremely important to set a good example for your kids – if you’re not doing it how can you expect them to?”

Annie: “I pay for my kids gym memberships as an incentive!”

What advice do you have for women in their 40s and 50s who are looking to get started?

Casey: “Just do it. Just come in and make the first move. I never feel intimidated here. I never feel like I have to have my make-up and hair done here – there’s no falseness. When you are our age, it’s very easy to feel like ‘oh I can’t do this’, but there’s a good community feel here.”

Annie: "What she said!"

What training routine do you follow?

Casey: “Denise is our trainer and she’s written us a new routine to do together. It’s the same routine but with different things weight wise.”

Annie: “We do super sets with each other so we don’t feel like we’re hogging equipment. It’s a big advantage actually”

What do you enjoy about your routine?

Casey: “We enjoy feeling strong and balanced and it clears our head more than anything. We’re better people when we work out.”

Annie: “And we have coffee after as our reward!”

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