Member Of The Month: Maddy

Published on Monday, 21 February 2022 at 1:03:20 PM

Our member of the month for February is Maddy!

Maddy has been visiting Beatty Park since 2015 when she joined our Angelfish program; an inclusive swimming program for people living with a disability.

Maddy has now integrated into mainstream swimming lessons and also does personal training and aqua fitness classes.

We spoke to Maddy about the benefits of staying active.

What encouraged you to get involved with Angelfish?

I have Cerebral Palsy so it is important to maintain my fitness and flexibility.

I wasn’t a very good swimmer and wanted to improve my swimming stroke.

Maddy with her personal trainer Kathryn.

What’s your fitness routine like now?

I do swimming lessons and personal training at Beatty Park every week.

Kathryn has been my personal trainer for many years. She always makes me feel good about myself. She has this amazing ability of encouraging me to push myself but makes it fun at the same time. She also gives me tips and hints for exercising away from the gym and trying to stay healthy.

Sometimes I do Deep Aqua classes with Kathryn. This is another fun way to help with my fitness.

I also help walk our dog Poppy!

We heard you’ve made some good friends at Beatty Park!

I have a lovely group of people to swim with in the Angelfish program. I actually prefer to swim in a group as this helps me strive to be better.

I am very lucky to have made friends in this group. It makes the class much more fun and it’s great to catch up each week.

Maddy with fellow swimmers Panukorn and David, and swimming instructors Sarah and Ryan.

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