Member Of The Month: Jamilla

Published on Wednesday, 27 October 2021 at 1:24:12 PM

For October, we're featuring group fitness junkie Jamilla!

Jamilla's a local who has only been with us for three months, but in that time she's already recruited 8 out of her buddies to join Beatty Park! What a legend!

We spoke to her about her newfound obsession with Throwdown, GRIT and working out in general.

Welcome to Beatty Park, Jamilla! What made you join us?

I joined Beatty Park just after I moved into the area. My housemate had been coming to Beatty Park for over a year and having weekly ‘spa days’. She works out in the gym and then goes in the spa and sauna to chill out after a long week and it inspired me to get back into my fitness and self-care.

We hear you've really gotten into Throwdown classes! Tell us about your exercise routine.

When I first joined, I was convinced by the lovely Ricci at the Memberships desk to go to a Throwdown class.

Just the name of that class made me feel sick! It had been a long time since I’d done a proper cardio workout, so I was definitely worried I was going to pass out mid-class. But as soon as I got in there, Colin and Ricci reassured me I could take it at my own pace, and to just give it a go.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed and my partner and I now wake up extra early to make sure we secure a spot in the Thursday afternoon Throwdown because it’s so popular!

After I joined I quickly convinced my partner and my two best friends joined as well so before I knew it we were starting to build a little community.

Occasionally my friends and I will go for a swim and a sauna after a long day at work. But mostly my partner and I have become hooked on the GRIT and Throwdown classes which we go to 3 times a week.

We’ve loved making friends with the trainers and other members who have been really lovely and welcoming. Colin is such a fantastic trainer, he’s funny and motivating and I love his classes so much.

Do you prefer exercising with friends? Why?


Being able to work out with friends and my partner has helped me so much to stick to a routine each week. It’s made exercise so much more accessible and fun to me.

We now have about 8 of our friends who have joined Beatty Park so there’s always someone to bump into at the gym or a pal to give you some encouragement in a class.

This is definitely the most committed I’ve ever felt to regular exercise and I actually miss the gym when I can’t go, which I’m sure is hugely due to the wonderful community of people around me who make it so enjoyable.

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