Member Of The Month: Colette

Published on Wednesday, 27 April 2022 at 1:13:10 PM

Introducing our April Member of the Month – Colette!

Colette is currently on a health-focused ‘gap year’, so we’ve been seeing her around a lot lately! She regularly does personal training sessions, group fitness classes, laps in the pool and even the occasional Silent Sauna sesh!

Colette recently told us she was “feeling really good lately”, so we thought we’d find out more!

Tell us more about the gap year you’re currently on!

I planned and booked this year off in 2018 when COVID wasn't around. My intention was to travel and teach overseas. 

When that was no longer available to me I joined Beatty Park for general fitness and to build up my strength for hill climbing and hikes when I go to Ireland in June. 

What motivated you to focus on your fitness?

It is important to invest in our health at all stages of life, and as I come from a long line of women who live to 90 and beyond, I thought I may as well get moving more so that I can enjoy the years ahead, hopefully pain-free and with good mobility.

I was diagnosed with prediabetes last year and I have already eliminated that with exercise and diet. 

How have your PT sessions with Anne Rose helped you on your health journey?

Anne Rose has been instrumental in helping me understand good technique and form and the importance of enjoying whatever exercise you engage in.

She is such an encouraging person and has helped me see that I am actually quite strong and capable of doing difficult things. She has helped me develop confidence in my own ability and has introduced me to some of the gym equipment that I otherwise would have walked past. 

Some of the workouts Colette has been doing with Anne-Rose.

Apart from your PT sessions, what’s your fitness routine like?

I also do group fitness classes – I love the support, enthusiasm and encouragement. All the instructors are top class and I learn something different from each one.

Linda always ensures people are safe and doing things in a way that supports optimum results. Daniel's Spin classes are wonderful - what an effervescent personality, so inspiring and a ton of fun. Like many people, I have lower back issues and Spin seems to be one of the most stabilising exercises for me. 

Rest is important too and I absolutely love Anna's Yin Yoga class. It is such a restorative practice for body and mind and it helps me maintain balance in daily life.

I also enjoy walking, swimming and cycling. Consistency is the key to success and changing up the routine keeps things interesting. I've recently started to enjoy the benefits of regular saunas and like the fact that you have a dedicated 'silent' one. 

Do you feel you’re reaching your goals at Beatty Park?

I am definitely enjoying better health. My goals are ongoing and include building core strength and working towards the inclusion of more weight bearing exercise. 

I love it and I'll be coming back for as long as I live in the area, which I'm planning to do for a very long time!

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