Give your little one the best birthday ever with a pool party at Beatty Park!

Catered pool parties (indoor only)

If you’d like to be right by the water playground, you can book a catered pool party through Cafelife. Please contact Cafelife directly on 08 9402 3820 or via to discuss times and availability.

Please note Cafelife is a privately owned business and their catered party packages do not include entry fees. If you’d like to pre-arrange entry for your guests, please fill out this form and a Beatty Park team member will be in touch with you soon.

Self-catered pool parties (outdoor only)

If you’d like to bask in the sunshine and BYO, let us know!

You’ll have our 3 outdoor pools at your footstep, while our indoor water playground is just through the door.

To make sure your guests have shade and a place to sit, you can hire a range of party equipment, including:

  • Marquees (up to 3) $15 each, per hour
  • 2 trestle tables + 12 chairs (up to 3 packages) $30 per package
  • Extra chairs (up to 20) $5 per 10 chairs
  • Extra trestle tables (up to 4) $5 each

You can also just rock up and use what’s available at the time (excluding indoor seating), however bookings are still essential as times are limited and subject to availability.

All self-catered outdoor parties are subject to casual entry prices, but we can sort that out for you and your guests ahead of time.

Click here to book your outdoor pool party now.