Swim and Survive Bronze Strand

At Beatty Park Swim School we are committed to further enhancing students’ swimming, water safety and survival skills.

We have partnered with Royal Life Saving Society WA to offer their advanced Survival Strand and Bronze Strand of levels to our students once they have progressed through the Over 5 levels.

Which level?

These levels focus on safety and survival skills while maintaining correct swimming technique. Students will learn the basic principles of resuscitation and how to correctly and safely perform rescues.

  • Stage 9 - Senior: Entries and exits skills teach swimmers to determine the safest entry and exit method for a range of aquatic environments. 
  • Stage 10 - Junior Swim and Survive: Sculling and body orientation enable swimmers to gain mobility in the water.
  • Stage 11 - Swim and Survive: Underwater skills aims to provide the student with the skills that may enable them to escape from dangers or search for a submerged object.
  • Stage 12 - Senior Swim and Survive: Swimming strokes develops efficient and effective stroke technique and the ability to adapt the strokes to suit the conditions of the environment. Fitness and endurance increases through the progression of levels.
  • Stage 13 - Wade Rescue: Includes survival techniques and strategies for a range of emergency situations, including the use of lifejackets.
  • Stage 14 - Accompanied Rescue: Equips swimmers with the required skills to perform a range of rescues depending on the emergency situation, the environment and prevailing conditions.
  • Stage 15 - Bronze Star: Develops skills and knowledge of safe water rescue and survival.

For more information on these levels, view our Swim and Survive Stage Guide.

Fees & Enrolment

All payments are in the form of regular direct debits every four weeks from your nominated bank account.

Per Child  $73.20
Per Child (concession) $58.56

All new enrolments incur a $11.00 administration fee and re-enrolments incur a $5.50 administration fee.

Health Care Concession cardholders receive a 20% discount on fees.

Click here to view our available classes and enrol.

Child Safeguard Standards

Beatty Park Swim School is committed to ensuring the safety of all children at all times.

Please click here to view our current Child Safeguard Standards.

Get in touch with us

Our Swim School Administration is open:

  • Weekdays 8:30AM - 6:00PM
  • Saturday 8:15AM - 1:15PM
  • Sunday 8:00AM - 1:15PM

If you have any questions, give us a call on 08 9273 6082 or email swimschool@vincent.wa.gov.au 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a timetable available?

Our lessons run Monday-Sunday, depending on the age and level.

You can view our available classes on our Online Portal.

Otherwise, contact our friendly Swim School administration team on 08 9273 6082 or email swimschool@vincent.wa.gov.au for more information on classes.

Do you offer make-up lessons?

We do not offer make-up lessons, but the great news is we do offer complimentary practice passes for any missed lessons.

These are able to be used for general entry to use any of the pool facilities and are automatically added to your card once you have missed a lesson. For more information on complimentary practice passes please click here.

How will I know when my child is ready to move up a level?

When students are ready to move classes, the teacher will advise the parent/guardian of the new level and then direct you to the friendly Swim School reception where you can move to the next available level.

You can also check our Online Portal to see if your child is ready to move up.

Can we swim before or after lessons?

Yes, absolutely!

We happily welcome all our students to swim and practice their skills before and/or after their lessons. Your fees include entry to Beatty Park on the day of the lesson, allowing you to enjoy our pools before and after lessons.

Please be aware that if the student is under 5 then a parent/guardian must accompany and stay within arms length of the children when leisure swimming.

Can parents/guardians and siblings swim during the child's lesson?

Yes, parents, accompanying guardians and/or siblings are able to access the indoor and outdoor pools during their child/children's swim lessons as per the following conditions; Each child’s swim lesson enrolment provides access of one free swim for an accompanying adult, however any additional adults/children will need to pay normal swim entry fees at reception.

Please click here for Beatty Park's entry prices

What if the class I want is unavailable?

If the class that you want is unavailable, a Swim School team member will contact you to discuss alternative options such as offering you another day/time or waitlisting you for a position in your preferred class.

Do you run by school terms?

We are a continuous program, and classes are offered from late January to mid December without breaking for any school holidays.

Research has shown that this type of perpetual program is fundamental in effectively teaching students. 

Can I pay cash for lessons?

Unfortunately we do not have an option for cash payments. Our direct debit system is set up for payments every four weeks from either credit card or cheque/savings accounts. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

Please inform us in writing if you'd like to cancel prior to your next direct debit or send us cancellation of direct debit form, at least 48 hours prior to your next scheduled direct debit payment. Please note that unfortunately if you miss this cut off period, you may have up to four more lessons before ending your time with us as payments are made four weeks in advance.

You can email us at swimschool@vincent.wa.gov.au