Ideal for individuals with injuries or joint issues, water aerobics is a full body, low impact workout performed waist deep in water. At Beatty Park, we offer a range of aqua classes to assist people on all fitness levels reach their goals.

Program Timetable

Class Time 
6.00am HIIT Aqua Run 30m Pool Aqua Deep 30m Pool

Deep Aqua 30m Pool

Aqua Balance Indoors

7:50am Aqua Cardio Class 
9.15am Aqua Fitness Indoors/Outdoors Aqua Zumba Indoors/Outdoors   Aqua Zumba Indoors/Outdoors Deep Aqua 30m Pool
10.30am Deep Aqua 30m Pool Deep Aqua 30m Pool
6.15pm Aqua Fitness Indoors Aqua Zumba Indoors
7.00pm Aqua Fitness Indoors Aqua Natal Indoors

*Classes are subject to change. Reasonable notification will be given where possible.

About Classes

Class Type
Length of Class
HIIT Aqua Run 45 Minutes A high-intensity running class in the 30 metre pool designed to increase your fitness in short time.
Deep Aqua 45 Minutes 

Deep Water Aqua is a non-weight bearing form of exercise, so the range of movement and intensity is far greater than you can achieve on dry land and most importantly, without the impact.

The class will improve your fitness, develop muscle tone, help with weight loss and also strengthen your abdominals and core, these are such positive reasons for attending.

Aqua Natal 45 Minutes This aqua fitness class is in shallow water and designed especially for mums-to-be and new mums getting back into shape.
Aqua Fitness

45 Minutes

A general session tailored to your current level of fitness. This is held both indoors and outdoors.

Morning classes are held indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer months.

Aqua Zumba 45 Minutes A 45 minute ‘pool party’! Blending Latin and international rhythms, be ready to move your hips, splash, laugh, shout and work out.
Aqua Balance  45 Minutes

A unique mind-body experience that adapts yoga, pilates, tai chi and dance to the water. Improves concentration, balance, breathing, core stability and strength.

Ideal for those experiencing chronic pain stress and beneficial during pregnancy.

Aqua Cardio 35 minutes

This 35 minute express pool workout is a high energy program with the choice of lower and higher impact options. It's designed to focus on cardiovascular fitness, so it's a great calorie burner. Different to Aqua Dance and Aerobics, Aqua Cardio will be a faster pace and will hold those plyometric and agility moves, with a focus on stamina and technique.


Pass Type
 New fees from 1st August 2018
Casual $17.00
Senior / Pensioner $10.00

10 sessions - $153.00

20 session $289.00

 Multi-pass (Senior / Pensioner)

10 sessions $90.00

20 session $170.00

  • Memberships available. Please see reception for details.

For more information on our aqua classes and water aerobics, contact our North Perth fitness centre today!