pregnancy exercise classes Perth


At Beatty Park, we have designed an prenatal exercise and educational class specifically for pregnant women. Our exercise classes involve prenatal activities, such as aqua aerobics, which can help your mind and body to be positively prepared for your birth. We’ve designed our classes to not only help you to keep fit during your pregnancy, but to give you the opportunity to socialise and have fun!

Our prenatal classes, which include aqua aerobics, can assist with improving your strength and flexibility, which can help to reduce muscular tension and pain during your pregnancy. We understand that it can be difficult to relax while pregnant, but during our aqua aerobic classes, our teaches will show you how to relax using visualisation and flotation techniques.

We will take the time to teach you how to focus on your spontaneous breathing rhythm and how this is a powerful tool in assisting with your birth experience.

Our prenatal exercise classes will also help you to

  • Feel more energised and stronger
  • Retrieve fatigue
  • Improve your posture and oxygen supply to your baby

Located just 3km north of the Perth CBD, why not enrol in our pregnancy exercise classes at Beatty Park today. To find out more about our classes, contact our friendly team.


Time Wednesday at 7.15pm
Cost $17.00 per session (10 and 20 passes available at a discounted rate and can be used for other fitness classes or the gym)