Indoor Pool Upgrades

The indoor pool area at Beatty Park is getting a significant makeover, with fresh tiling, water treatment system, Aboriginal artwork and exciting new water features set to be installed over the coming months.

Works commenced on Wednesday 27 January 2021. The estimated completion date is August 2021.

Update: July 2021

We're not far off guys! Stay tuned for more information about our indoor pool reopening and Open Day.

The following items are included in the scope of works;

  • Retiling of the entire indoor pool in a fresh new colour scheme and artwork by a local Aboriginal artist
  • Installation of new indoor pool water treatment system
  • Upgrade of water features
  • Upgrade of change rooms in the indoor pool area including new accessible change rooms, change cubicles and on deck showers
  • General pool deck maintenance (seating, reticulation, painting, handrails, etc).

Space will be made available in the outdoor pools where possible during the renovation but will be limited during peak periods. Updates to pool space will be provided regularly on the web page below.

Lap Lane Availability

There is the possibility of closures to the spa, sauna steam room area during indoor pool demolition works and also during a possible upgrade of that area. These closures will be communicated to patrons as soon as dates are confirmed.

The rest of the facility will continue to operate as normal with a reduced Swim School program being held entirely in the outdoor pools until the indoor pool reopens.

This is an exciting project to ensure Beatty Park is able to provide a fun, safe, compliant and fit for purpose facility into the future.

For additional information please read the FAQ's below or email 


General Information

How the indoor pool maintenance and upgrades will effect patrons.

How long will the indoor pool be closed?

The indoor pool will be closed for approximately 6 months depending on how the work being carried out progresses. The completion date is expected in August 2021.

Why is the pool closed?

Since the pool was last upgraded in 2012 there have been a number of maintenance issues that have arisen which can only be addressed by completely emptying the pool. We have taken this opportunity to do a full renovation of the area including upgrading the pool water treatment system, water features, change rooms, seating, lighting and a few other minor maintenance items.

Why close the pool during the summer?

Closing the indoor pool during the warmer months allows us to continue offering programs in the outdoor pools which we would not be able to do in winter.

Can I get a refund on my membership or a discount because the indoor pool is closed? 

You can apply for a refund or suspend your membership if you are unable to use the outdoor pools. Additional suspension time will be available. Please see the membership team at the gym desk if you need assistance.

Can I suspend my membership without affecting my suspension allowance?


Can I cancel my membership without penalty?


Will the opening hours change?

Opening hours may change as we head into the quieter months but you will be informed well ahead of any changes.

Will the cafe still be open?

Yes, the café will still be open.

Are birthday parties still happening?

No birthday parties will be held whilst the indoor pool is closed. 

When will the spa area be closed and re-opened?

This is yet to be determined. Updates will be provided both here and on signs at the area when details are available.

Will the temperature of the outdoor pools change?

The outdoor pool temperature will be raised. This will fluctuate with the ambient temperature but will be at least 27.5 degrees.

Will sun shades be erected in any of the outdoor pools?

Additional marquees are being investigated for use around and over parts of the outdoor pools.

Can I pay casually to use the pools?


Will there be lanes available in the 50m and 30m pool for swimmers and a walking lane?

All areas will be very busy during Swim School hours:

  • Monday to Friday - 9 am to 12 pm and 3.30 pm to 6 pm
  • Saturday - 8 am to 4 pm and
  • Sunday - 8 am to 2 pm

Lanes will be made available but may be busy. Click below link for lane availability.

 Lap Lane Availability

Will entry prices/multi swim passes be discounted?

No. There will still be lanes available for exercise. Patrons can ask for a refund if they are not able to complete their exercise.

I use the hoist in the indoor pool. Will this be available/or similar for me in the outdoor pools?

The ramp and water wheelchairs will be available to enter the outdoor 50m pool but please contact the Centre if you need additional assistance.

Will there still be swimming lessons available and will there be new intakes?

Limited swimming lessons will be available due to reduced pool space outside. Please see the Swim School section above for more details or contact them on 9273 6082.

Will Aqua Classes be affected?

Yes. Aqua Balance will be cancelled during the closure.

Will the car park be closed or reduced in size during the works?

Not at this stage.


Swim School - Parent & Baby Lessons

How the indoor pool maintenance and upgrades affect Parent and Baby swimming lessons.

How long will the indoor pool be closed?

The indoor pool will be closed for approximately 5 months depending on the work being carried out.

Will baby lessons continue?

No. As the indoor pool is closed and the outdoor pools are 27 degrees we cannot run the Parent/Baby classes.

What happens to my suspended lessons?

The Parent/Baby lessons that are suspended will be reactivated when the indoor pool is up and running. We will contact all of these patrons once we are aware of the recommencement date.

Will I get my same time and day?

We will endeavour for all suspended lessons to return to the same day and time where possible. 

What if I don't want to recommence after my suspension?

At this time you will be able to cancel the lessons if you do not wish to recommence.

Can I use my practice passes?

Yes. You will be able to use your passes, however only the outdoor pools will be available.


Swim School - All Level Lessons

How the indoor pool maintenance and upgrades affect swimming lessons for All Levels, excluding Parent & Baby.

How long will the indoor pool be closed?

The indoor pool will be closed for approximately 6 months depending on the work being carried out.

Will there be any shade?

Yes, Marquees will be installed over the 12m pool and for parents and spectators around the 30m and 50m. We will also have sunscreen stations available for the Swim School Patrons only.

Will my lesson remain at the same time when we are in the outdoor pools?

Unfortunately due to ongoing bookings in some of the pools, we may need to move some times. We will be contacting patrons who may have to change their lessons.

What if I haven't cancelled and my child decides they do not want to swim outside?

If you have not cancelled and you decide you do not wish to swim outside, we would encourage you to come to the Swim School and have a chat with our friendly staff about your options.

If I cancel will I get my same time and day when I wish to re-enrol?

While we will always endeavour to place anyone enrolling or re-enrolling in their preferred day and time it may mean you will be waitlisted until a vacancy occurs.

What happens when it starts getting cold?

As we start heading toward the cooler months, we will be reassessing our lessons with the best interest of our patrons in mind. We will keep patrons fully informed.

Is it safe outside for children?

The Swim School is very safety focused and as such we will have extra staff on hand in and out of the water to supervise and monitor all of the lessons.

Will there be enough room in the outdoor pools?

The swim school will be able to access the 50m, 30m and 12m pool on various days. We will organise all of the classes in the appropriate area of the pool for the levels they are in. 

Can I use my practice passes?

Yes. You will be able to use your passes, however only the outdoor pools will be available.


Progress of Works

Retiling the indoor pool, replacing the existing pool filtration systems and demolishing the 1962 toilet block will commence in late January.

The works will take place during normal business hours and all efforts will be made to ensure surrounding residents will not be inconvenienced.

Stage one (January- February 2021)

The area outlined below will be securely fenced for the purposes of material delivery and bin storage.  A small section of the garden will be removed to allow for the lay-down area and will be reinstated at the completion of works. This preparatory work will take place on the week commencing 18 January. 

Stage two (February - March 2021)

This will involve the removal of the indoor pool tiles and slides. During this time material is expected to be bulk trucked away or placed in a skip prior to removal. This is expected to begin in late January.

Stage three (March - July 2021)

Drying and retiling of the indoor passive pool will take place. At the same time, work within the enclosed plant room will occur to upgrade the filtration units.

Stage four (May - July 2021)

Demolition and removal of 1962 toilet block. New changing rooms will be built within the same footprint later in 2021 and more information will be provided closer to the works taking place.