Home Fitness Workouts

Our Beatty Park Fitness Team are here to share a range of at-home workout programs to suit every member of the family.

Select and complete each workout at your own pace, and level of difficulty in the convenience of your home, garden or local park (if it is safe to do so!).

Try our home fitness workouts today!


Did you know that AMRAP means As Many Rounds As Possible.

This workout is broken up in to 5 x 5 minute AMRAP.

Start at AMRAP 1 and complete as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes. Before moving on to AMRAP 2 take a timed rest, we recommend 1-2 minutes. Then complete AMRAP 3, 4, 5 with the same rest period. Don't forget to spend at least 5 - 10minutes warming up and then cooling down. 

Strength and Core workout

This workout is designed to target and strengthen your core. 

Complete this workout at your own pace with sets and reps allocated for each part of your circuit.

20 minute HIIT workout

HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training, and that is what today's workout is all about!

We suggest with starting with a warm up by stretching and trying each exercise at low intensity before performing at a high intensity.

Once you have completed your 20 minute workout, cool down by taking a short walk and don't forget to hydrate.

Mobility and Toning workout

Simply grab a chair and give this workout your best effort.

We recommend turning on your favourite music and don't forget to record how many reps you do, so you can repeat this workout in a weeks time and add on reps.

Grab your runners, lets go!

Our cardio workout is designed for all levels and can be done on a treadmill, in a park or out exploring your local streets.

Don't forget to keep hydrated.


Our TABATA workout is designed to get your heart rate up quickly, with short rest periods in between exercises.

This workout packs a punch, and is perfect for those wanting to be done in 20 minutes.

Make sure you spend 5 minutes warming up and cooling down.


This is our reminder to you, that rest is important.

It's time for a little rest and relaxation for the mind, body and soul.

Take the day to work on your mobility with gentle stretching and even a short walk. Your body will love you for it.


Les Mills ONDEMAND offers over 100 free fitness classes including: Body Combat, GRIT, Dance, HIIT and Total Body Workouts with a range available for all skill levels. 

You will also find guided meditation which allows you to relax and enjoy the benefits of mindfullness for healthy body and mind.