prenatal aqua

Prenatal Aqua is a 45 minute prescriptive aquatic session that focuses on maintaining your cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, strength and pelvic floor health. It features mindful exercises to help you stay focused and prepare for birth and beyond.

In this class, you can exercise at whatever intensity you choose, without overheating and with no risk to your baby. You’ll achieve deep relaxation through breathing and flotation exercises while experiencing weightlessness and helping reduce fluid retention.


  • Improve oxygen consumption to you and baby
  • Relieve lower back and pelvis pain associated with pregnancy
  • Improve your energy levels and sleep "like a baby" post session!
  • Gain strength and maintain pelvic floor health

How to join

Prenatal classes happen every Thursday at 6:15PM in our heated indoor pool (classes commence May 5).

Members can book a spot in Prenatal Aqua via our Member Portal.

If you’re not a member, simply rock up a little early and pay for your class at our front desk.

Classes are $19 each or $10.50 for pensioners/seniors. This includes entry to the pools before or after your class.

Talk to us about the benefits of becoming a member.