Swim and Survive SURVIVAL/Bronze Strand

At Beatty Park Swim School we are committed to further enhancing students’ swimming, water safety and survival skills.

We have partnered with Royal Life Saving Society WA to offer their advanced Survival Strand and Bronze Strand of levels to our students once they have progressed through the Over 5 levels.

These levels focus on safety and survival skills whilst maintaining fitness and correct swimming techniques. Students will learn the basic principles of Resuscitation and how to correctly & safely perform rescues.

This program focuses on the following seven development strands:

  • Entries and exits skills teach children to determine the safest entry and exit method for a range of aquatic environments.
  • Sculling and body orientation enable children to gain mobility in the aquatic environment and are vital skills for developing swimming and survival skills.
  • Underwater skills aims to provide the student with the skills that may enable them to escape from dangers or search for a submerged object
  • Swimming strokes develops efficient and effective stroke technique and the ability to adapt the strokes to suit the conditions of the environment. Fitness and endurance increases through the progression of levels.
  • Survival skills includes the teaching of survival techniques and strategies for a range of emergency situations, including the use of lifejackets.
  • Rescue skills equip children with the required skills to perform a range of rescues depending on the emergency situation, the environment and prevailing conditions.
  • Water safety knowledge develops an understanding of a range of swimming and water safety issues that underpins safety in and around the water.

For more information on these levels, visit the Royal Life Saving Society WA website.

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