Member Of The Month: Tessa

Published on Monday, 31 May 2021 at 1:20:00 PM

We’ve got more than a few amazing members here at Beatty Park, so it’s high time we sung their praises!

Meet Tessa – she’s our May #MemberOfTheMonth.

Tessa has been part of the Beatty Park family for three years now. During this time, we’ve watched Tessa hit a huge fitness milestone – what she’s lost in weight she’s gained in life!

We spoke to her about her transformation and how she did it.


Congrats, Tessa! What motivated you to change your lifestyle?

I have always been on and off with my diet, but have never been overly fit.

I’ve had lower back issues and with my extra weight, the pain never really eased. I had just had my second son in 2017 and knew that I would need to have the energy to keep up with my two boys. I wanted to give them an active life – I didn’t want my weight to be a roadblock to their activities. I wanted to be a part of them instead of sitting on the sidelines watching. 

How much weight have you lost and how did you do it?

I’ve lost roughly 25kgs!

I try to keep a reasonably low carb diet, but allow the weekend to indulge a bit so I don’t feel like I’m restricting myself from everything all the time.

I really enjoy group fitness, particularly Throwdown and BodyPump! I’ve also had two programs made for me by the fitness instructors at Beatty Park for when I choose not to do a class.

How has your life improved?

I’m able to keep up with my kids and show them that physical activity is good for the body and soul.

I also find that keeping fit and building muscle improves my ability to make good food choices.

What has kept you motivated?

Initially, it was because I had a friend join Beatty Park with me and we would train together, very rarely doing group fitness classes. But when she stopped going, I was already fitter than I had ever been so I kept training and started going to more classes.

I love group fitness because there is nowhere to hide! I wanted to work my hardest every time, which improved my motivation to keep going.

The community at Beatty Park is so great! Everyone encourages me to do my best – the staff are all so positive and helpful and genuinely want to be there!

I’ve made some great friends throughout my journey and I don’t think I would find a better place to achieve my goals with everyone around me supporting me through it.

Well done to Tessa – we’re so proud of you.

Stay tuned for our next member feature!

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