SPA, Sauna & Steam Room

Beatty Park has a Spa, Sauna and Steam room with ACCESS INCLUDED IN ALL MEMBERSHIPS!

Please note that this is a 16yr and older area only for the comfort and enjoyment of members.

Casual Entry Prices 

Adult  $11.50
Student  $10.50
Pensioner/Senior  $8.50


The therapeutic benefits of sauna/spa/steamrooms have been recognised for thousands of years. It is traditionally recommended that you first sauna, then shower before entering the steamroom. We recommend showering before you enter the spaS. This cycle can be repeated.


The sauna is a dry heat best enjoyed at between 70-90 degrees. This type of heat increases the body's core temperature. Sweating is then encouraged which releases impurities from the skin and pores. Humidity in the dry sauna is set less than 5%.

Beatty Park Leisure Centre's sauna is of cedar wood construction. We ask that you sit on a towel in the sauna. Stay in the sauna only as long as you feel comfortable. Leave the heat to cool down and have a shower.


Shower before entering the steamroom. The steamroom offers a lower temperature heat set at 40 degrees with relative humidity set at 100%. The steamroom helps to defoliate dead skin cells and removes skin impurities from the body surface. We recommend that you take a towel to sit on when in the steamroom. We also ask that you shower before entering the spa or returning to the sauna.


Always shower before your spa to remove surface dirt and sweat. Sit or lay and relax in the warm water. Temperatures vary but are generally between 35 and 38 degrees. Let the jets massage your muscles.

People generally have a preference for either sauna or steamroom use. Utilizing all three is the best way. Remember not to stay in any of the facilities if you feel uncomfortable at any time. It is recommended that you replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of water. Carbonated drinks should be avoided.

For people with any of the following conditions, high blood pressure, pregnancy and heart conditions, these facilities are not recommended.