Introduction to Breathing & Meditation

Published: Tuesday, 22 October 2019 at 12:10:58 PM

Have you tried meditation but found it hard, boring or unable to stop thinking? We welcome you to join us for our free members seminar hosted by our Yoga Instructor Karen, on Thursday 28th November from 7pm - 8pm. as she presents an 'Introduction to Breathing and Meditation'

Karen will be sharing with us, how at one end of the spectrum, meditation can be seen as a mental exercise, a shift in perception, a technique that allows you to relate differently to your thoughts, emotions, sensory experiences, the moment itself.

At another end of the spectrum, it can be a portal to a deeply transformative personal experience.

Join us on for an Introduction to Breathing and Meditation.
Learn how the two are interconnected and how by using our respiratory system to its fullest capacity can allow you to have a wonderful meditation practice.

RSVP : Please confirm your attendance with us at Beatty Park Gym Reception. 

For more details about Beatty Park Leisure Centre, please call
(08) 9273 6080.

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