Organisational Goals & Objectives

Programs and Services

  • to provide a broad range of quality sport, fitness, educational and recreational programs which cater to a cross-section of the community;
  • to maximise utilisation of the facility and programs;
  • to be a focal point for all groups and clubs in the local community,
  • to provide a safe, quality child minding service to patrons who use the facility; and
  • to provide patrons with a quality food and beverage service which reinforces healthy eating habits.

Human Resources

  • to improve the level of customer service offered at the Centre;
  • to develop a team approach to the provision of programs and services;
  • to maximise the use of, and provide further opportunities for staff to develop knowledge and skills;
  • to involve staff in planning and setting the direction for the Centre; and
  • to improve internal staff communication.


  • to develop a marketing plan which details ongoing and consistent marketing for all operational areas of the Centre;
  • to initiate and conduct ongoing market research;
  • to develop sponsorships and partnerships for the Centre; and
  • to assist our regular user groups to promote their programs within the Centre.

Financial and Management

  • to operate Beatty Park Leisure Centre in a commercially viable manner;
  • to maximise utilisation of available resources;
  • to further improve the standard of financial and accounting procedures; and
  • to further improve the standard of attendance and statistical records.

Asset and Risk Management

  • to maintain a register of assets owned by Beatty Park Leisure Centre;
  • to implement an energy conservation strategy;
  • to comply with relevant guidelines, legislation and Australian Standards pertaining to the facility management and public safety;
  • to ensure a consistent standard of general presentation and cleanliness throughout the Centre; and
  • to develop and maintain the building and surrounds to a standard that meets the needs of Centre users.