Beatty Park Leisure Centre's mission is:

"To provide a diverse and affordable range of quality sport and recreational opportunities to all members of our community in a safe, friendly and fun environment which fosters an appreciation for a healthy and balanced lifestyle."

This mission statement was developed through a series of workshops involving key staff within the Centre. It clearly demonstrates our acknowledgement that Beatty Park Leisure Centre should remain an affordable community facility which promotes the concept of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our vision is a statement of where we see Beatty Park Leisure Centre in two to five years hence. It is imperative that we have a clear vision of where we want to take the Centre.

"Beatty Park Leisure Centre be valued by the community as an innovative, diverse sport and recreational facility which offers a consistently high level of service to patrons in a friendly and professional manner."

Underlying our business practices is a set of values that Beatty Park Leisure Centre adheres to throughout its daily operation. These values reiterate our commitment to high standards and the contribution we make to our participants' quality of life. They include a commitment:

  • to ensure all services and policies have a customer focus,
  • to contribute to the quality of life of the people using our facility,
  • to strive for success and improvement in all that we do,
  • to operate each area of the Centre with integrity, and perform to the highest professional, commercial and ethical standards.